About Samahita

Samahita embodies the most profound benefit of my yoga practice – the natural evolution of balance, grace and honest inner contentment.  Rediscover your innate beauty and the beauty all around by creating space to center yourself with yoga.

My teaching incorporates asana (posture), gentle pranayama (breath work) and meditation by weaving the influences of  Hatha and Classical yoga.  I am RYT 200 certified through Yoga Alliance and I’m continuing to expand my practice through ParaYoga training courses http://parayoga.com/.

                                                                          Namaste, Kirsten

100% of proceeds support Africa Volunteer Corps.  AVC is a way to make sure that the process of improving lives in Africa is controlled by the people that process is supposed to help, Africans themselves.  Furthermore, our specific model of investing in emerging leaders by bringing them to work with locally-initiated positive social projects will address some very pressing needs in Africa today.  http://africavolunteercorps.org/


RYT200        AVClogo

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